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  • “ A old friend returns to help the brothers stop the Leviathans, but Dean has trouble forgiving his former friend. ”


    description of episode 07x17.

    You know, I think Sera Gamble left pretty clear that she is not exactly a supporter of the ship, but this… this seems like she is going to just blow it once and for all (and yes, I do mean her, because not only she is the producer, she is also the writer of this episode). I mean, it is her show and everything, but… after everything that happened, Bobby dying and all, Dean will be pissed off with Cas? WHY? If I had the chance to see one of my dearest friends alive and well again (even though I didn’t even mourned his death - at least not *on* screen), I wouldn’t be angry at. I’d just hug him until one of us could no longer breathe.

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    I have to disagree. In fact, before I believed Dean would have been able to forgive Castiel fairly easily if he did return. But this was before Bobby died. The fact is, if Castiel had listened to Dean, the Leviathans wouldn’t have been released and Bobby wouldn’t have been killed. In his grief, I can see Dean blaming Castiel for Bobby’s death just to be able to vent his anger on SOMEONE since Dick Roman is so out of reach. 

    That said, I really do hope Castiel can convince Dean to forgive him and I’m very much looking forward to watching the conflict unfold.

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  • Accent Red by Neil Talwar